About Us


" "Praise" is about using praise as a weapon of warfare to come against darkness. In the Bible when Paul and Silas were in chains they prayed, and sang praises unto God. Suddenly there was a great earthquake that shook the foundations of the prison and they were free. Praise is a weapon that ultimately gave me hope and made me free" - Daniel R

Step 1

The Praise. hoodie is a 100% cotton, mineral wash heavy fleece sweatshirt processed with natural enzymes here in the United States.

This mineral wash hoodie is specially dyed for a one of a kind coloring. (For best care we recommend washing this garment separately in cold water.) No hoodie is the same.

Step 2

The Praise. hoodie is stamped with a hand carved piece which was locally made here in Bridgeport, CT.

Each hoodie is made to order and stamped with our custom colored dye.